Vaccinations – Digging in deep.

If you are a parent who is on the fence or questions ANYTHING about vaccinations – their ingredients, how they work with the body, their history, health of humanity, etc., at all, this is, in my opinion, an extremely informative video to watch. One of the most put-together and informative I have yet to see.

With all that I am, I wish I would have been smarter back when my children were born – and that I would have researched and questioned everything. Instead, I did what the majority of people seem to do – I simply listened to everything my doctor told me was safe until it actually affected one of my children – my oldest son, who suffered almost a 50% loss of his hearing after receiving the MMR shot in 2008. Sadly, it takes something affecting them personally, or their family, for people to wake up and start delving deeper into what is going on and look for answers themselves that are not just told to them by their doctors, a commercial, the news, or something they simply heard or saw randomly. Had I researched sooner, I could have possibly prevented my son’s hearing loss. I am guilted with this feeling every day.

This particular video covers many, many issues, including, at around hour (1:02/:1:03) – the actual history of the initial breakouts/epidemics and what was really happening when vaccinations were introduced and “came to the rescue”.
These are not just people talking their opinions – the people you see speak in this video are ALL doctors, former employees of places like the CDC, FDA, biochemical specialists, internal medicine health specialists, etc., who have come forward with their years of findings and inside history to tell their experiences and share the truth with those who will listen.

Listening to (multiple, but one individual that really got to me) a doctor in this video (whose wife is also a doctor) talk about their own child’s experience with vaccinations, and how he never really knew these things were actually happening because the majority of them go by what the pharmaceutical companies tell them…. was absolutely heartbreaking.

I pray I can be of help and a non-opinionated, objective source of information that others find helpful and I firmly encourage you all to do your own research as well!

QUESTION. EVERYTHING. RESEARCH! Do not act blindly. Especially if it involves your children.

One of the most put together/informative all-in-one informationals I have come across:

Vaccination List from the CDC –


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